Boot Camp

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BOOT CAMP is hard core

Want to build strength, agility, and endurance? Come to boot camp! Boot camp is a high intensity interval training session that includes cardio, strength and core conditioning. It’s a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT. Our sessions have 3 stations, each with on of our certified trainers, and each focusing on a different aspect of fitness. Participants rotate among the 3 stations –the exercises change each time you visit one– every 90 seconds for an hour. Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

Join us Saturdays at 8:30 am for boot camp. It’s intense but you’ll feel great for the rest of the weekend.

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It gets you up.

It gets you going.

It will make you tough.

It will make you sweat.

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  • "I’ve worked out on my own for 30 years and my body never changed. I’ve worked out with Jim for 3 months and my I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror. This is a no nonsense place that demands results and will push you to your limits. Not to mention they are all friendly, knowledgeable, and priced right. If you are serious about change and really want to feel better I would give them a try."


  • "F.I.T. Boutique is everything you would want in a training facility. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, super friendly, and they really know how to kick your BUTT. I am in the best shape of my life and working out with the team at F.I.T. Boutique has truly helped me get there."

    -Michelle, Isagenix Nutritional Coach

  • "I love F.I.T. Boutique! I have never enjoyed working out until now! I am seeing amazing results thanks to my awesome trainer, George."


  • "F.I.T. Boutique has changed the way I think about exercise and diet.  I can't thank everyone there enough for motivating and encouraging me! The best part is just how warm and friendly everyone is. I feel at home as soon as I walk through the door."


  • "Fit Boutique has helped me refocus my fitness goals to include nutrition and total body workouts. The bootcamps are challenging, fun, and offered at convenient times for moms who have young children!"