Best Certified Trainers

F.I.T. Boutique has the best certified trainers in the business. With a combined 30+ years experience they have worked with everyone from children to adults to professional athletes. Call 1.847.607.8574 today to find out how you can get a FREE SESSION with one of the best certified trainers on the North Shore.


Jim Poulos

N.A.S.M, W.I.T.S., Bosu Ball, Kettle bell, Swiss ball, partner assisted stretch, CPR, and AED

Owner/Trainer – F.I.T. Boutique
General Manager – Bally Total Fitness
Personal Training Manager – Bally Total Fitness
Personal Trainer – Bally Total Fitness
Personal Trainer – Self Employed

With over 15 years in the industry I have trained and coached all types of clients. From general weight loss to professional athletes and everyone in between. I have worked with children or adults in groups and in one on one sessions. I have coached youth football and trained high school athletes. I’ve ran weight loss camps for local Boy Scouts and developed several adult boot camp classes that have successfully ran for over a decade. Training, coaching and mentoring is a way of life for me. I sincerely, invite you to at least talk to us about your fitness goals and needs. We can help you change your life…



George Eix

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), ViPR, Powerplate, KBA Kettle bells, TRX

Assistant Manager & Fitness Director – Bally Total Fitness
Personal Trainer – Equinox

George competes as an endurance athlete during summer and recently placed 2nd in his division in the Naperville Triathlon. “I have worked with everyone from endurance athletes to individuals with developmental disabilities.” George is currently training clients with goals that range from weight loss to pre/post-op injury recovery and prevention. As someone who has experienced first-hand the life changing benefits of personal training and physical fitness, George continues to devote his time to helping clients to improve their quality of life and pushing them to unlock their full potential.

“To make training the best part of your day, and to simplify fitness so you can enjoy your life and reach your goals without having to eat tree bark”



Trystian Amedee-Jones

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) CPT, CES

Personal Trainer – Bally Total Fitness
Operations Manager
– Bally Total Fitness
Personal Trainer
– Xsport Fitness

Trystian currently is working towards an exercise science degree from the University of Chicago and hopes to one day become a Physical Therapist. Trystian has worked over the years with a variety of clients and has assisted them into living a healthier, fuller life. “I have experience training clients with goals of weight loss, performance, marathon training, police power test, endurance and strength training. I love what I do and it shows when I come into work.”

To change not just your body and your diet but your lifestyle, to the point where it’s second nature to just exercise and eat healthy. I want to prepare you for longevity, because the best days are always ahead of you when you are happy with yourself.


  • "I’ve worked out on my own for 30 years and my body never changed. I’ve worked out with Jim for 3 months and my I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror. This is a no nonsense place that demands results and will push you to your limits. Not to mention they are all friendly, knowledgeable, and priced right. If you are serious about change and really want to feel better I would give them a try."


  • "F.I.T. Boutique is everything you would want in a training facility. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, super friendly, and they really know how to kick your BUTT. I am in the best shape of my life and working out with the team at F.I.T. Boutique has truly helped me get there."

    -Michelle, Isagenix Nutritional Coach

  • "I love F.I.T. Boutique! I have never enjoyed working out until now! I am seeing amazing results thanks to my awesome trainer, George."


  • "F.I.T. Boutique has changed the way I think about exercise and diet.  I can't thank everyone there enough for motivating and encouraging me! The best part is just how warm and friendly everyone is. I feel at home as soon as I walk through the door."


  • "Fit Boutique has helped me refocus my fitness goals to include nutrition and total body workouts. The bootcamps are challenging, fun, and offered at convenient times for moms who have young children!"