6 Reasons You Should Have A Personal Trainer

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6 Reasons You Should Have A Personal Trainer

Call me biased but I truly believe, and studies have shown, that if you are exercise with a professional you are WAY more likely to reach your fitness goals. As a current full-time personal trainer and a previous client of personal training, there are more benefits than you might think. In this blog post, I will go over some that may be obvious and some not so much.

  1. #1 SAFETY

Your risk for injury goes down dramatically working out at a personal training studio with a professional v.s. working out on your own. Having a trained professional constantly assessing what your body is doing through movements, correcting imbalances (which we all have) and making sure that you are doing something that pushes you enough but not to the point of injury is invaluable. And just physically having someone who has your back (literally) during hard exercises, like heavy weight-training or balance, it’s good to know you have a safety net.


Having someone who is waiting for you ready to go reach your fitness goals is a very interesting feeling. Not only do you not want to let yourself down, but you also don’t want to disappoint this person. A little tough love, a little encouragement (depending on what you need) is a great reason to have a trainer. We’ve all talked ourselves out of a workout for whatever reason. Those reasons don’t exist anymore when someone is there when I’m waiting for you to show up for a workout. That increases the total number of workouts, and that is consistency is exactly what we need to accomplish your goal.


This is a very important one. You build a long-lasting, very meaningful relationship with your trainer! I have clients that I’ve been training for 10 years. I know everything about them and them about me. They are important fixtures in my life and enrich it so much. A good trainer should be your friend! I have some of my clients coming to my wedding. We work very hard at FIT Boutique to make sure that you have a great fit with your trainer because it is so important. exercise is hard enough, you don’t want to go through that with someone just counting reps while looking at a clipboard.


Take the guesswork out of exercise! Let me worry about our program. The hardest part of exercising sometimes isn’t actually going to the gym, it’s knowing what to do. How do I progress/regress this exercise? What diet should I be on? How do I still get a good workout with your bad shoulder/knee/back etc? What should my exercises look like 3 months from now? Don’t worry, I got you.


Get more! Get more out of everything! You and I will do more in 1 hour than you could do yourself guaranteed. If not, I haven’t done my job. Not only will the workout push you but even practically I can spot you on the squat/bench. When you have a spotter who you can trust, we can get so much more out of a set. Think about trying to push up the last one. It’s hard, you might not get it but you know we’re right there ready to save you if we need. Even push you past that, you’re trying to get 1 more rep but you literally cannot without help. That last rep makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE, you just tore your muscles up more than you ever could by yourself!


One thing I hear a lot is “I’m not fit enough for a personal trainer.” Or “I have a bad neck/back/knee/shoulder, I can’t go to a trainer.” You ABSOLUTELY should go to a trainer! One of the things I spent a large portion of my day is fixing people. The body is a complicated thing. We try to make it simple but it’s really not. There are a lot of antagonistic relationships going on inside your muscles. You spend all day in the car/at the office and your neck/back is killing you most days. Your biomechanics aren’t what they should be. Why would you go do a million push-ups with your pec major/minor are the things that are pulling you down into bad posture? I know what is going on and how to fix your imbalances.

Did I miss anything? What is your favorite part about working with a trainer?

-George Eix





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