FREE – No Equipment HITT Workout x2

FREE – No Equipment HITT Workout x2

Remember when you were 22 and had all the time in the world to workout? You could go to the gym for 3 hours a day, go to the grocery store and eat clean with little to no effort? Well, those days are over. You have a family, demanding job, significant other. Finding time is sometimes harder than the workout. Well, lucky for you I have a pre-programed HITT (high-intensity interval training) workout for you that you can do Anywhere!

This is meant to be very general. You may need to progress or regress some of the exercises. If you cant do the exact rep range, or maybe it’s too easy, make it best for you! This is just a template, use it to make it your own.

If you don’t know a specific exercise consult youtube.


-World’s Greatest Stretch

-Toy Soldiers

-Side lunges – length of the room and back


Take your time with reps and make sure everything is in the best form you can. We are going to take a timed break of 45 seconds in between each set. Were going to superset each group of exercises. So if we’re doing lunges and curls, do your lunges, then go right into curls, then take 45-second break. then start with lunges.

-10 burpees

-15 Squats

-5 Push-ups (if push-ups are too hard place your hands on the bed to elevate your chest to regress exercise)

45 Second Break – 5 sets or AMSAP (as many sets as possible)

Group #2

-12 V-Sits

-10 Jump Squats (soft landing with knees)

-30 Second Plank

45 Second break -5 sets or AMSAP


Same format as above, just different exercises

-30 Jumping Jacks

-30 Second Wall Sit

-20 Alternating Lunges

45 Second Break – 5 sets or AMSAP

 Group #2

-20 Crunches

-20 Shoulder Touches (holding the pushup position, touch your right shoulder with left arm and alternate)

-20 Flutter Kicks (hands under the small of your back)

45 Second Break – 5 sets of AMSAP

Try these if you’re stretched for time. As I said make it difficult for you this is just a template. How’d you do with these workouts? Would you like to see more? Leave a comment!

George Eix



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