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My name is George Eix, I am a personal trainer and part-owner of FIT Boutique Deerfield. I have been in the fitness industry for a little over 10 years. Over that amount of time, I have done almost everything you can do in a health club and gym. I have gathered lots of tips and tricks, and an unbiased perspective on what ACTUALLY works to help you reach your fitness goals. So we decided to try to help as many people as possible and set up a blog for people who aren’t in our neighborhood.

I wanted to start my first blog post with a template for what I want to accomplish from this, summerize my past and present. First things first, I am a personal trainer and there is a good reason for that. Mainly my math and reading abilities… If you are one of the brave men and women who wear the badge of “grammar police” you are more then likely going to yell in frustration at some point while reading these. I will do my best but make no promises. (thank you Grammarly)

I am not here to sell you a problem. I am here to help guide you in whatever way I can toward what you goal is. wheater that is looking ripped, getting strong, more flexibility, more range of motion, run faster, being injury-free, or specific sports training.

Like I said before I am one of the owners of FIT Boutique. My business partner Jim Poulos and I met at Bally Total Fitness right here in Deerfield Illinois. He hired me to open the gym at 5am every morning and that was my introduction to the life-changing world of fitness. After years of working there and moving up in the company, eventually, Bally Total Fitness was bought by a competitor. That is when FIT Boutique was born. We’ve been in the heart of Deerfield since 2012! and recently expanded to a much bigger space than our original. I am very fortunate to be a full-time trainer here and to have accomplished as much as we have in this very competitive industry.

That is really about it! This is our introduction! I plan to post everything that I know in here, there are no secrets or pay to play schemes here. This is it and I hope you enjoy it!


-George Eix


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