The BEST Way To Get STRONG – Proved by Science

The BEST Way To Get STRONG – Proved by Science

Feel like you’ve plateaued in your strength gains? Or would you like to start your new training cycle really getting after it? I have the BEST scientifically proven method for gaining lots of strength in a short amount of time. This is no gimmick, Im not a used car salesman. This is absolutely the best thing to tear your muscles up and get big and strong.


Negatives! otherwise, know as eccentric contractions. They are awesomely brutal and completely destroy (in a good way) your muscles. The practical definition, think about a bicep curl with dumbells. Let’s say you grab the 100lbs dumbells (get some) for your curls. The negative contraction would happen when the heavy dumbell is going down and you are fighting it to not move but ultimately failing. The more detailed definition is “An eccentric action is when the muscle elongates while under tension, due to an opposing force (such as a weight) being greater than the force generated by the muscle.”

Why is this better than just doing “regular” concentric contractions? Well, if our goal for weight training is to make micro-tears in our muscles, this is the best way. Bare with me… (if you’re a science nerd I’m speaking generally, don’t fight me)  A muscle is made of microscopic contractile units arranged in series and bundles. they are called sarcomeres. Sarcomeres are made up of actin and myosin, and they are the system that starts the reaction to actually contract your muscles. When you do essentric contractions they basically explode (again in a good way) causing many tears and growth potential.

So try some out! You should always be in control of your exercises and go slow down (or up) but try doing 3 sets at the end of your next arm workout of some negative bicep curls. Just go %20-%40 heavier than you normally do. Be careful and the slower the better!

Do you like negatives? Let me know in the comments!

George Eix

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