Top 5 Reasons You Cant See Your Abs

Top 5 Reasons You Cant See Your Abs

Why does it seem like every person on Instagram or Facebook have a 6pack? Just like all the time… Walking around like its no big deal. What is the secret? Why can’t I have that?? …You can!

In this post, Im going to go over the TOP 5 reasons you can’t see your abs.



I’m going to say something you’re not going to want to hear. You can NOT spot train your abs into existence. You might be able to do situps with Dywane “The Rock” johnson on your chest but that doesn’t mean you have a visible 6pack. There is a layer of fat over your rectus abdominis¬†that hides them from the rest of the world. We need to first get rid of that layer by working out in a calorie deficit in order to see your abs.


Too much cardio! That layer of fat on your belly will not go away with cardio alone. The absolute best way to reduce fat and gain lean muscle is to do heavy weight training while in a calorie deficit. Running all day every day will do nothing except chafe your thighs.


There’s an expression that I tell my clients quite a bit. “Abs are made in the kitchen”. Like I said above, if you are not in a calorie deficit it doesn’t matter what you are doing. You need to be burning to get rid of that stubborn body fat to see your 6 pack


You’re not doing enough overall weight training! Abs are muscle, you need more muscle, do weight training. Pretty simple but one of the more important aspects of fitness is strength training. Youll burn more fat and more build muscle (which is the athletic toned look we want) doing weight training than cardio alone


If you want to get a 6 pack or improve your 500m time or get a big squat you need to be consistent! You could be putting only %70 effort into your diet, and workouts and get everything you want out of them if you just NEVER MISS. Being disciplined is so freaking important. I know people that have ass-backward training programs and eat only sardines and sour cherries after working out and they are RIPPED. You know why? the never….EVER… miss a workout.

Feel like I missed something? What is the hardest part of getting a 6pack? let me know in the comments!


-George Eix

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